connection groups

Our desire for connection groups is that the body of Christ at FHC has a place to get to know each other on a deeper more intimate level, beyond the regular service times at the church. To join a group contact the leader below. 

  • Elevate Young adults

    Young adults, ages 18-40 meet up, have fun and build relationships. Childcare is not provided but you are welcome to bring your kids.

    Mykayla Garcia           Ashton Peterhans
    (970) 275 8503         (970) 778 0237
  • Time To Play (Lloyd and Marka Wagoner)

    Varying times on Saturdays. Monthly

    This group is for those 50 and up looking for fellowship! We gather at different homes and play games, eat, and have fun. We may be older but we still know how to have a great time!


  • Business Men and Women

    Focusing on Biblical prosperity in every business by speaking God's Word over each business and creating a hedge of protection. Monday at 7:30pm in the youth room.

    Daniel Ashurst

    (970) 234 1011

  • Intercessors for America

    Join as we pray for God's will and purpose to be done in the 2020 elections. Every other Tuesday morning from 7:30-8:00am at Faith Heights Church.

    Kandace Peterhans

    (970) 250 5877

  • The Needle Works

    Carolyn is an expert seamstress and does all kinds of crafting. Come learn from her experience and create wonderful projects. Weekly on Tuesdays from 1pm - 3pm.

    Carolyn Doerham

    (970) 708 9698

  • Volleyball

    Come have some fun with us whether you are great or not so great at volleyball. Great company and lots of fun!

    Niqi Whittlesey

    (970) 778 1100

  • Colorado prays at fhc

    Join us with the 2200 churches across Colorado praying and believing for fewer suicides, less crime, stronger marriages, enhanced graduation rates, more godliness and faith and less fear anger and rebellion. 

    Call Darlene Scott for more details

    (970) 640 0069

  • Prayer Warrior Power Lunch

    Meets once a month on a Saturday to learn how to pray, and then take time to pray.

    A delicious lunch is shared afterward.  RSVP required. 

    Caroline Hickok 970-210-6091

  • Moms Group

    Expecting moms and moms with little ones keep in touch to support each other and organize play dates and get togethers.


    (970) 270 1105

  • Shooting group

    Do you like to shoot? Want to learn to shoot or need training time? This is a great group for newbies and firearm enthusiasts.

    Jim Vlasak

    (402) 852 6158

  • It's all about dogs

    Do you love dogs? So do we! We have a wealth of expertise on caring for dogs, training, adopting vs. buying, grooming and so much more!

    Donna & Brittany Deleff

    (970) 209 1539