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  • Mark and Amy Boer

    Guest speakers Mark and Amy Boer will be at Faith Heights Church for two services on Sunday, June 13th at 10am and 6pm.

    Mark and Amy are the Pastors of Life Church in Boise Idaho. Mark has been in the full-time ministry, body teaching the true Word of God since 1989. 

    Learn more about Mark and Amy's ministry here: http://lcboise.com

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  • Scott and Sue Behrman

    Guest speakers Scott and Sue will be at Faith Heights Church Sunday, September the 5th at 10am. 

    Scott and Sue served as senior pastors for many years and recently took a step of faith to join Scott’s parents, Bill and Ginger Behrman in “Mission of Life, Behrman Ministries”. With this move they have positioned themselves to embrace the call to empower the church to take the gospel where it has never gone before. They also serve with AIMS and are taking the training to reach unreached people groups across the globe.

    Learn more about Scott and Sue's ministry here: https://churchforallnations.com/portfolio/behrman/

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  • MARK and trina hankins

    Mark and Trina will be here on Sunday,  August 22nd for two services at 10am and 6pm. They have been ministry friends of Pastor John and Carla for decades and we have been privileged to have the Hankins as regular guest speakers for many years. Mark has powerful ministry of joy, you just never quite know what's going to happen at one of these unique, life changing meetings. 

    Learn more about Mark Hankin's ministry here: https://www.markhankins.org

    Call (970) 245 3755 for more details