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He (God) that ministers seed to the sower... 2 Corinthians 9:10

Take God at His Word. If He said that He would give seed to the sower, then we can stake our lives on it. God will get financial seed to us if we are sowers wanting to sow into His work. 

The economy of sowing and reaping never crashes! It's becoming ever so important to be a sower into the things of God. Sowing and reaping is a sure way to keep prospering in these interesting end times.

My love for Your house burns in me like a fire. Psalm 69:9 CEV

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One thought is, people may already have seed from God, but they haven't recognized it. It may be in the form of something lying around the house or their business that really isn't needed. 

Many people have things that are just taking up space that could be turned into seed for the things of God. In the book of Acts it says that the people sold possessions and brought offerings to the Church. 

Sacrificial giving to the work of God is also something the Lord was impressed with. 

Mark 12:41-44. He believed His own teachings. Luke 6:38.


Another way be a part of a project that you have a heart for, is to pray about any cut backs of expenses that are not necessary to maintain a healthy life, and see these non-necessary expenses turn into seed for Gods work. Even if only for a time so you can invest in whatever is happening in the church at the time.

It's pretty cool what cutting back on Starbucks for one year can do. It's pretty powerful what cutting back on simple pleasures and convinences can add up too. Sometimes just the putting the flesh under and giving the savings toward the Lords work does more for our hearts than even the financial help toward the church. Acts 20:35.



Getting a part time job for a time is also a great way to increase in generosity. This could be very rewarding in more ways than one. Of course, it will bring more seed into your life to sow and reap with, but it's also a great feeling of love, laboring for something completely beyond yourself. 

And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her. Genesis 29:20


Having two envelopes, one titled, "TITHE" and one titled, "OFFERINGS"  is a good idea so you can be more mindful of the seed that God is bringing to you. A question to ask ourselves is, "What portion of my increase is something I can sow and reap with?" 

As you get in the habit of putting 10% into the tithe envelope and something into the offering envelope weekly, you will find your faith bringing you up to what you have planned to do. 

When we look at our giving with % percent in mind, our budget will come up to the level we are seeing. For instance, the tithe is 10%, and our life comes up to our ability to make this happen. As we commit to give a certain percent of our offerings to the Lord, our income will increase to reach this goal as well. It's wonderful how our income rises to the level of what we want to give off the top.