Sermon series

Deliverance Through Growing up

Series Started August 18th, 2021

1. Growing Stronger Than the Problem Audio Video

2. Strengthened Through Submission Audio Video

3. Discerning Good and Evil Audio Video

4.  How to Get Stronger Spiritually Audio Video


Series started April 4th, 2021

1. Preparation for Greater Glory Audio Video

2.  Desire and Expectation Audio Video

3.  More Faith, More Glory Audio Video

4.  Seeing Past Satan's Unreal World Audio Video

5. God's Power Flows Towards Faith Audio Video


1. Check Out Everything With God's Word Audio Video

2. Worldly Attraction Audio Video

3. Good Words and Fair Speeches Audio Video

4. Devil By Nature Beautiful By Appearance Audio Video

Understanding the local church (6-8)

6. How to Get the Most Out of a Church Service Audio Video

7. Stay Hooked, Stay Free Audio Video

8. How to Get the Most Out of a Church Service Pt.2 Audio Video

How to survive in the end times

Series started January 13 of 2021

1. How to Survive in the End Times Pt.1 Audio Video

2. How to Survive in the End Times Pt.2 Audio Video

Filled and led

Series started December 20th of 2021

1. Filled and Led Pt.1 Audio Video

2. Filled and Ready Audio Video


Series started December 9th of 2020

1. Happy and Rich Pt.1 Audio Video

2. Can You Handle It? Audio Video

3. What Makes Tithing Work Audio Video


Series starts November 1st of 2020

1. Identifying Lies Audio Video

2. More Word More Free  Audio Video

3. There is No Devil? Audio Video

4. There is No Devil Pt.2 Audio Video

5. Where Demons Came From Audio Video

WHY are you here?

Started July 12th, 2020

1. God Wanted You Here Audio Video

2. What is Motivating You?  Audio Video

faith changes everything

Series started May 14th, 2020

1. Going Deeper in Faith Audio Video

2. Submission, Authority and Great Faith Audio Video

turn, trust and follow

Series started April 15th, 2020

1. Understanding Repentance Audio Video

2. Understanding Repentance PT 2 Audio Video

3. Why Faith?  Audio Video

4. What it Means to Believe You Receive Audio Video

were you ready?

Series started March 29th, 2020

1. Were You Ready? Audio Video

2. Why Be Surprised? Audio Video

jesus is in trouble

Series started June 9th, 2019

1. Jesus is in Trouble? Audio Video

2. Appropriating Divine Protection Audio Video

the serious business of joy

Series started November 25th, 2019

1. The Serious Business of Joy Audio Video

2 . Rejoicing in Trouble Audio Video

3. Joy of Faith Audio Video

4. Exceeding Great Joy Audio Video

finding your greatest purpose

Series started October 15th, 2019

1. Clarifying Your Heavenly Vision Audio Video

2. Your Part in God's Church Audio Video

3. Behold They Brought! Audio Video

understanding the will of the lord

Series started July 2nd, 2019

1. Understanding what the will of the Lord is Audio Video

2. Resistance to Being in the Will of God Audio Video

3. More Selective More Effective Audio Video

4. Disobedience in Good Things Audio Video

5. Accessing More Grace Audio Video

joy makes good things happen

Series started May 13th, 2019

1. How to Become a Better Receiver Audio Video

2. Developing a Habit of Joy Audio Video

3. Celebration Leads to Victory Audio Video


Series started March 10, 2019

1. What is Heaven Like Pt.1  Audio Video

2. What is Heaven Like Pt.2 Audio Video

3. It's Going to Get Better Pt.1 Audio Video

4. It's Going to Get Better Pt.2 Audio Video

Take it all

Series started February 24, 2019

1. Take it All Audio Video

2. Attitude Changes Everything Audio Video

what's the big deal

Series started February 10, 2019

1. What's the Big Deal? Audio Video

2. I Want My House Full Audio Video

faith in love

Series started November 4, 2018

1. Faith in Love Audio Video

2. What Path Are You On? Audio Video

3. Calm in Crisis Audio  Video

2 minute warning

Series started Sunday October 14, 2018

1. 2 Minute Warning Audio Video

2. Faith in the Last Days Audio Video

3. Faith in the Last Days Pt.2 Audio Video

perdition prevention

Series started Sunday August 26, 2018

1. Perdition Prevention Audio

2. You Can Draw Back Audio Video

Confession profession

Series started July 27, 2018

1. Confession Profession Audio Video

2. Watch Your Mouth Audio Video

3. Faith is a Full Time Job Audio Video

4. The Spirit of Faith Audio Video

tithing under grace

Series started Sunday June 3, 2018

1. The Things That Are God's Audio Video

2. Is the Tithe Still God's? Audio Video

3 The Origins of Tithing Audio Video 

4. We're All Coming Up Audio Video

the parable of soil

Series started Friday March 9, 2018

1. Hear the Right Thing and Act Audio Video

2. Healing Through Helping Others Audio Video

3. Healing Through Sowing and Reaping Audio Video

4. Obey and Receive Your Healing Audio Video

5. The Parable of Soil Audio Video

6. Become a Person of Great Faith Audio Video

7. Accept Orders/ Receive Healing Audio Video

they brought, he healed

Series started Sunday March 11, 2018

1. They Brought, He Healed Audio Video

2. Bring them to Jesus Audio Video

spirit filled living

Series started Sunday December 31, 2017

1. Spirit Filled Living Audio Video

2. What it Means to Live a Spirit filled Life Audio Video

3. Born of the Spirit is Not Filled With the  Spirit Audio Video

4. To Stay Filled Drink More Audio Video

5. There is Opposition Audio Video

his grace is SUFFICIENT

Series started Sunday July 23, 2017

1. His Grace is Sufficient Audio Video

2. The Power of His Grace Audio Video

3. Have Faith in Grace Audio Video

I love god more (1-5)

Series started Sunday April 30, 2017

1. The Answer to Temptation Audio Video

2. The Answer to Temptation Pt.2 Audio Video

3. I Love God More  Audio Video

4. The Answer to Happiness Audio Video

5. Why Live Right Audio Video

recognizing demonic influence

Series started Friday January 6, 2017

1. Recognizing Demonic Influence Audio

2. Disobedience is a Big Deal Audio

3. Come Out From Among Them Audio

4. Equipped to Resist the Enemy Audio Video

talk better, live better (1-5)

Series started Sunday, November 6, 2016

1. Talk Better, Live Better Audio Video

2. Talk Right so God can Help Audio Video

3. A Matter of Life and Death Audio Video

4. How to Know it's Working Audio Video

5. Miracles Through Saying Audio

talk better, live better (6-11)

6. Talk Better More Audio

7. Victory is in You, Bring it Out With Words Audio

8. You Have What You Say Audio Video

9. A Problem Coming is No Big Deal Audio Video

10. " I AM "is Stronger Than " I FEEL " Audio Video

11. Check Up on What You're Saying Audio Video

Focus on the family (1-7)

Series started Sunday, October 2, 2016

1. Why Don't You Take Wrong Audio Video

2. Pray Together, Stay Together Audio

3. Help For Your Family is the Helper Audio

4. Thoughts From a PK That Didn't Derail ( Rachel Cappetto ) Audio Video

5. Shut the Door on Selfishness Audio

6. Spirit Filled Families Never Fail Audio

7. Suffering and Glory Audio Video

focus on the family (8-15)

8. Your Confession Affects Your Family Audio

9. Foundations For a devil Proof Marriage - Ken Blount Audio

10. Ken Blount Speaks to Men Audio

11. Trudi Blount Speaks to Women Audio

12. Noah and Now - Ken Blount Audio Video

13. Talk Better Live Better Audio

14. Being Spirit Filled is Vital Audio

15. Marriage and Family God's Way Audio Video

victory over depression

Series started Jun 5th, 2016

1. Joy is a Choice Audio Video

2. Tell Yourself How to Feel Audio Video

3. Becoming the Boss of Your Inner Dialogue Audio Video

victory over disease

Series started June 26th, 2016

4. Healing Belongs to Everyone Audio Video

5. Healing in the Church Audio Video

6. Fellowship is Vital Audio Video

VICTORY over addiction

Series started July 17th, 2016

7. Becoming Spiritually Strong Audio Video

8. Serving Jesus Helps You Audio Video

9. Victory Through Mercy Audio