Ladies Lemonade

The battles you face today may not be your choice, but the outcome is!"

Let's get together for some Lemonade! My house or yours? These blogs are from my heart to yours and they come from over thirty years of experience in helping my husband pastor Faith Heights Church in Grand Junction Colorado. I have met so many precious ladies in these last three decades who have had some intense struggles, and I have had the honor of seeing many of them find freedom with the anointing that God has given me. 

I hope to see you soon!

Carla Cappetto

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Faith For Life

"If People Knew The REAL Jesus, They Would LOVE Him!"

Hey, I am so looking forward too sharing with you over thirty years of being immersed in the Word of God, (the Bible), and teaching these truths weekly to Faith Heights Church and beyond. Many wonderful things have transpired in the last three decades, and I have such a strong desire to share these adventures in God with you!

Let's tap into some awesome revelation through these blogs and lets enjoy the awesome love and power of God together!

John Cappetto, Pastor

Have A Spirit Filled Day!

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